Youth Engage Policy Lab (YEPLab)

This is a flagship program of SieDi-Hub that is designed to recruit, train and mentor young Policy changemakers between the ages of 18 to 35 years, who will lead policy engagements and governance strengthening to contribute to improving social policies design and implementation. These young people will be trained on how to use political economy analysis and design thinking iterations to spearhead critical pathways that will push state government officials to implement evidence-based policies and decisions to improve public sector management, accountability and transparency.

Transforming the Opportunity Youth

This is a social education and foundational skills development program designed by SieDi-Hub and Empower Next Generations (ENG) to train and empower out-of-school youths aged between 18-24 years in Abia State, Nigeria.

Community Health Youth Champions Program

This is a community health intervention and support program targeted at brining innovative, collaborative and transformative health response system for the people and by the people. It trains young people to become community health actors by providing preventive and supportive community health assistance that will assist the local people to navigate access to basic health and take appropriate actions to ensure they receive quality healthcare when needed.

Online Safety Education for Women And Children Program

This Project is designed to proffer sustainable ways of improving cyber-hygiene, particularly for women and children by engaging states stakeholders to identify gaps and highlight emerging trends, while making recommendations for the policy domestication and implementation of the Cybercrimes Act in the states. Having recognized the unfortunate but smooth transition of students’ offline bullying into the cyberspace The Edu-Net for Women and Children Online Safety Project creates Edu-Net Hubs in secondary schools to train, coach and mentor students, who in turn train their peers on online safety. Equally, the capacity of parents and caregivers are built on warning signs and internet acronyms to…


SieDi-Hub is working to improve the lives of women, youths and Children in low resourced communities. Our commitment to serve is unflinching, would you ‘HELP’ us put smiles on the faces of the community we serve? Donate Here!
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