The Youth Engage Policy Lab (YEPLab) is an intense youth in policy engagement fellowship program. The YEPLab fellowship operates on a rolling cohort to cohort basis, the Lab recruits, train and nurture emerging young changemakers committed to challenging and reshaping state-level policies. Our goal is to empower these leaders to spearhead inclusive, citizen-driven socio-economic policy initiatives that enhance the well-being of young people at the sub-national level. Through the YEPLab program, participants will acquire essential skills and strategies to distinctively engage with policy and decision makers both in their local constituencies and at the state level, ensuring their voices are heard and included in shaping the future of state policies towards desired outcomes.

About YEPLab

The Lab will recruit, train, and mentor 25 young policy changemakers per cohort, aged between 18 and 35 years, who will spearhead policy engagements and advocate for better governance on issues relevant to youth empowerment and community development. They will have access to innovative training models that combine Design Thinking, Asset-Based Community Development, and Participatory Approaches to lead sustainable policy change. Participants will receive mentorship and coaching from renowned world-class policy experts, as well as opportunities for global collaboration and networking.

The objective of establishing the lab is to adopt a participatory engagement process to influence state policy design, implementation, and evaluation. Additionally, it aims to foster mutual accountability as a sustainable approach for addressing complex social issues.

Programme Phases

The YEPLab programe will be segmented and implemented in 3 phases.


A six-week intensive training program comprising self-instructed modules, seminars, discussions, and design thinking iterations. During this phase, participants will attend five weeks of online classes via our training platform, engage in weekly virtual discussions with instructors, and participate in one week of in-person training.


Participants will receive mentoring on how to actively engage with policymakers, policy stakeholders, and government officials on policy issues identified by the Lab during the iteration process as crucial for engagement. In this phase, each participant will be paired with a policy mentor (strategist) who will provide continuous guidance for six months on the policy interest area of the changemakers in training.


Young changemakers will collaborate with other state stakeholders to promote accountability, monitor policy implementation milestones, and participate in policy feedback dialogues.

The Fellowship offers participants the chance to:

  • Engage in an uninterrupted two-month learning experience focused on policy making, policy design, and stakeholder engagement.
  • Develop into civic leaders and public policy specialist.
  • Play a role in shaping and driving societal transformation.
  • Network with fellow participants, forge strong connections, and collaborate in bringing innovative solutions to common challenges.
  • Become one of our pioneer Alumni and connect with other global networks of policy changemakers leading progressive policies landscape as future young African leaders.
  • Take part in a workshop alongside other young leaders, leveraging the opportunities it presents to broaden your horizons.
  • Interact with influential leaders and interface with top government officials, policy analyst, civic leaders, and business figures.
  • Learn about policy and advocacy engagement from world-class leaders and change agents from around the world.
  • Receive mentorship from global changemakers and renowned policy experts.
  • Enhance your skills and bolster your work in civil rights and advocacy by embracing new ideas, setting fresh goals, and honing unparalleled interpersonal communication skills.

Eligibility & Requirements

The SieDi-Hub and its partners uphold an all-inclusive ethos; thus the Fellowship is accessible to all individuals who meet the following criteria:

  1. Demonstrate a passion for learning and contributing to the development of their communities.
  2. Age between 18 and 35 on or before the application date.
  3. Proficient in both written and spoken English (provisions will be made for individuals with hearing impairments).
  4. Reside in Abia State or are willing to attend the one-week, in-person training session.
  5. Possess strong communication and negotiation skills.
  6. Exhibit leadership and community engagement skills.
  7. Show dedication to social welfare and community development initiatives.
  8. Ability to collaborate effectively with diverse groups and respect differing opinions.
  9. Demonstrated aptitude for learning and knowledge transfer.
  10. Possess a valid voter registration card.
  11. Willingness to participate in all Fellowship activities (both in-person and virtual).
  12. Commitment to collaborating with SieDi-Hub and their partners to drive social policy change in Abia State within the year following completion of the lab.

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