A REPORT OF THE ONLINE SAFETY EDUCATION PROGRAM In Celebration of the International Day of the Girl Child


The Online Safety Education Program, organized by SieDi-Hub in partnership with PMNCH, Yagazie Foundation, and Could You? Cup, took place on the 11th of October 2023 at Ibeku High School, Umuahia, Abia State, Nigeria. The program aimed to address the impacts of social media in the lives of teenagers, marking the International Day of the Girl Child.


Opening Ceremony: The program commenced with an opening prayer and the national anthem led by Mr. Ajuma Jonathan. Gratitude was expressed to the host school, Ibeku High School, for providing the venue, and acknowledgments were made to all participating schools and SieDi-Hub team members.

Welcome Address: Mr. Ubong Okon delivered the welcoming address, setting the tone for the day’s activities. Following the address, students engaged in a pre-test assessment to gauge their knowledge of social media before the main discussions.

Debate Section: Students delved into a debate on the topic, “Does social media create a positive impact in the lives of teenagers?” Criteria for winning included composure, neatness, presentation, details, and key points. The results revealed Intellectual Giant Christian Academy as the winner, with Ibeku High School and Divine Grace and Mercy Academy as the second and first runners-up, respectively.

Lecture on Online Safety: Ms. Cecilia Abah provided a lecture on online safety and teenagers. The session was interactive, allowing students to explore measures for online safety and the role of education in promoting responsible online behavior.

Post-Test and Feedback: At the program’s conclusion, students filled out post-test and feedback forms. The feedback forms aimed to gather insights for future program improvement. Five volunteers from each school expressed interest in establishing clubs to continue similar programs, overseen by the organization.

Certificates and Awards: Certificates of Participation were awarded to all participating schools. Intellectual Giant Christian Academy received the Debate Winner award, while Ibeku High School and Divine Grace and Mercy Academy received the second and first runner-up awards. Additionally, all schools received awards of excellence.

Girl Child Celebration: In line with the International Day of the Girl Child, all female participants were provided with menstrual cups and other gifts.


Participants the efficient organization of the debate and lecture sessions but frowned at the time management during the program and delayed time before the commencement of the program which formed affected other schedules they had fixed for that day.

Effective Agenda Management:

The agenda was well-structured, allowing for a smooth transition between sessions, and participants appreciated the clear agenda provided at the beginning.

Engaging Activities:

The mix of activities, including the debate, lecture, and interactive sessions, kept participants engaged throughout the event.

Post-Event Evaluation:

The inclusion of post-test and feedback forms demonstrated a commitment to continuous improvement and allowed participants to share their thoughts on the program.

Volunteer Opportunities:

The initiative to involve students as volunteers for future programs was well-received, indicating a positive impact on the participating schools.

In conclusion, the Online Safety Education Program was a resounding success, achieving its objectives in educating teenagers about social media impacts while receiving positive feedback on time management and organizational aspects. It fostered awareness and dialogue on the impacts of social media on teenagers’ lives. SieDi-Hub looks forward to future collaborations and the continued success of similar initiatives.

SieDi-Hub appreciates the support of all stakeholders in making this event a success and looks forward to future collaborations and impactful programs

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