On November 30, 2023, FENRAD, in collaboration with SieDi-Hub, The Abia State Government, and Spaces for Change, hosted the second Civil-Military Relations Stakeholders’ Dialogue in Abia State Government. The dialogue aimed to foster “Building Bridges for Resilient Communities: Strengthening Civil-military Partnerships with Homeland Security and Civil Society.”

Opening Session and Panel Discussion

The dialogue commenced with Mr. Nwafor delivering a welcome address, highlighting prevalent security issues, including instances of police brutality, extortion, and exploitation. He stressed the importance of protecting citizens’ rights, particularly young people vulnerable to such abuses, and emphasized civil-military partnerships in fostering resilient communities.

Stakeholders from various sectors, including communities, public and private institutions, and civil society, gathered to discuss security challenges facing Abia State. Dr. Anthony Chukwuebuka Okorie highlighted security threats such as farmer-herder conflicts, communal clashes, cult wars, kidnappings, armed robbery, and attacks by unknown gunmen, linking them to a perceived sense of marginalization and resource distribution issues.

The SieDi-Hub team underscored the importance of technology in enhancing communication and collaboration between civil society, the military, and government agencies, particularly in security surveillance.

Responding to security concerns, Mr. Chukwunenye Nwaogor, Senior Special Adviser to the Governor on Homeland Security, emphasized the crucial role of security in societal development. He highlighted Governor Dr. Alex Otti’s investments in security architecture, citing Operation Crush as a measure to maintain peace and security in Abia State, making it one of the safest places in the eastern region.

Call for Collaboration.

Participants unanimously agreed on the urgent need for collaboration among all stakeholders to combat insecurity. Emphasizing the importance of joint efforts, information sharing, and coordinated strategies, they recognized the necessity of working together to address the complex security challenges faced by communities.

SieDi-Hub Team Contributions.

During the dialogue, the SieDi-Hub team provided insights, recommendations, and advocacy asks to address the identified challenges. They emphasized the significance of collaboration among stakeholders, including the government, civil society organizations, the military, uniformed personnel, and strategic community leaders, in combating insecurity. The team highlighted the role of digital technology in promoting transparency, accountability, and communication among stakeholders.

SieDi-Hub’s Recommendations and Advocacy Asks
To Government:
  • Strengthen oversight mechanisms to ensure accountability within the military and security agencies.
  • Invest in technology-driven solutions to enhance communication and information sharing among stakeholders.
To Civil Society Organizations:
  • Advocate for the protection of human rights and the rule of law in the context of security operations.
  • Collaborate on awareness campaigns to educate communities on their rights and responsibilities.
To the Military and Uniformed Personnel:
  • Emphasize the importance of community engagement and building trust with civilians.
  • Invest in training programs that promote respect for human rights and civilian-military relations.
To Strategic and Community Leaders:
  • Encourage community leaders to act as intermediaries between the military and civilians, fostering understanding and cooperation.
  • Promote community-based initiatives for peacebuilding and conflict resolution.
Technology Integration, Community Empowerment and Trust-Building:

Technology Integration: Advocated for leveraging technology to enhance security efforts and improve the relationship between civil society and security agencies.

Community Empowerment

SieDi-Hub calls for the youth to be empowered with diverse skills as a preventive measure against involvement in criminal activities.


The Civil-Military Relations Stakeholders’ Dialogue provided a platform for open discussions on critical issues affecting the region’s security. FENRAD and SieDi-Hub, in collaboration with partners, are committed to fostering ongoing dialogues and collaborations to address challenges, build resilient communities, and strengthen civil-military partnerships.

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